July 5, 2015 $2.95 Million Paid to Forklift Accident Victim

Two insurance companies agreed to pay $2.95 million to settle a Monmouth County suit by a tow truck driver who suffered fractures and internal injuries in a forklift accident.

Joseph Mazza was seriously injured when a forklift fell on him as it was being lifted onto the bed of a truck by an excavator. Mr. Maggs and Mr. McDermott represented Mr. Mazza in his personal injury claim and Mr. Mazza’s workers’ compensation claims.

Maggs & McDermott produced evidence showing that the backhoe operator created the dangerous condition which ultimately caused Mr. Mazza’s injuries. The defense argued Mr. Mazza put himself in jeopardy by moving under the forklift while it was being maneuvered over the flat bed.

Mazza suffered pelvic, femur, skull, fibula and nose fractures, as well as a collapsed lung and other injuries, and was out of work for five months.

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