July 6, 2015 $3.5 Million Awarded in Auto Injury Case

Alexander Ioleff was travelling on West Veterans Highway on a rainy evening when he was struck head on by a police car travelling in the opposite direction. Mr. Ioleff was severely injured as a result of the collision, suffering the loss of vision in one eye and severing a facial nerve. Mr. Ioleff’s wife and sister-in-law were killed in the crash, as well as the police officer.

Mr. Maggs represented Mr. Ioleff and through experts retained by him, Mr. Maggs was able to establish that the police officer had been travelling approximately 70 miles per hour, which is well in excess of the posted speed limit, and that the police officer had lost control of his vehicle, causing it to cross over into Mr. Ioleff’s lane of travel.

According to Mr. Maggs, “The Ioleff case was a difficult one with many obstacles. We started out with no witnesses, but we went to work to determine the cause of the accident. We hired qualified experts. We would not take no for an answer.”

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