June 8, 2018 $5.5 Million Paid to Disabled Driver

Brian Cunningham was turning left into his driveway in Hazlet when he was suddenly struck by a commercial pick-up truck driven by an employee of a water delivery company.

The accident exacerbated Mr. Cunningham’s pre-existing back condition. Pain flared following the accident, which lead to multiple surgeries, including spinal decompression with fusion on Mr. Cunningham’s back and the implantation of a dorsal column stimulator to relieve his pain. Additional, Mr. Cunningham suffered nerve damage to both of his elbows due to the use of a walker following his back surgery, resulting in multiple ulnar release surgeries on Mr. Cunningham’s elbows. He was repeatedly hospitalized for complications and treatment all related to the accident.

Mr. Maggs and Mr. McDermott represented Mr. Cunningham and worked closely with him through his lengthy treatment. The Firm helped him navigate through the complicated medical and legal channels to ensure his legal rights were protected. After years of litigation, Mr. Cunningham received a settlement of $5.5 million with the water delivery company.

According to Mr. Cunningham, “Mr. Maggs and Mr. McDermott helped me put my life back together and got me back on my feet. For that, I am eternally grateful.”

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