August 14, 2017 $750,000.00 to Settle Auto Injuries for Neptune Man

A Neptune man agreed to accept $750,000.00 to settle his claims against Gwendolyn D. Marshall and Robert Wojcik, arising from a motor vehicle accident.

The accident occurred when a vehicle driven by Wojcik struck a vehicle being driven by Marshall in the rear on the Garden State Parkway. The Neptune man was a passenger in the vehicle being driven by Marshall at the time of the collision.

The victim was taken by ambulance to Southern Ocean County Hospital where he complained of a severe headache, neck pain, and chest discomfort. The admitting physician at the hospital diagnosed the man with an “acute strain of the right ventricle” of his heart. The victim was admitted and a cardiac catheterization was performed, according to his attorney John McDermott of Maggs & McDermott.

The victim also suffered a right shoulder injury, which required a total shoulder replacement; a lumbar spine injury, which required fusion surgery; a right hip injury, which required hip replacement surgery all totaling $562,115 in medical bills.  He will likely suffer from continued pain and limitations for the rest of his life, says McDermott.  Following the diligent work of his attorney, the victim received a $750,000 settlement for his injuries.

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