June 29, 2015 $990,000 Paid to Construction Zone Accident

Geoffrey Brown, an electrician, was crossing the Rt. 70 bridge from Brick into Brielle when he was suddenly struck head-on by a driver who was under the influence of drugs and alcohol. At the time of accident, the Rt. 70 bridge was under construction. Mr. Brown suffered a punctured diaphragm, multiple fractures, contusions and internal injuries. He underwent multiple surgical procedures, including surgery on his left shoulder, arm and hip. Mr. Brown also suffered nerve damage to his left hand.

Mr. Brown’s wife, Holly, contacted Mr. Maggs following the accident. The Firm immediately investigated many issues, including the erratic behavior of the other driver in the operation of her vehicle and whether the work zone was properly established where the accident occurred. After completing our investigation, the Firm filed two claims on behalf of Mr. Brown and his wife. First, the Firm filed a Worker’s Compensation claim, given that he was injured while in the course of his employment and immediately obtained temporary disability payments and medical benefits for Mr. Brown. Later, after a trial, the Worker’s Compensation judge determined Mr. Brown to be totally disabled. The Firm also represented Mr. Brown in his case against the driver of the vehicle who struck him, Pamela Parrish. The claim against Ms. Parrish settled for a total of $990,000.

When asked about the result, Geoff and Holly responded, “Mr. Maggs was there when we needed him most. We would have never been able to get through the complicated legal system without Maggs & McDermott.”

*Results may vary depending on particular facts and legal circumstances