July 20, 2020 Dog Bite Costs $400,000.00

An 11 year old girl, Dylan Itzol, was attacked and bitten by a pit bull while she was visiting a friend who lived in a condominium in Long Branch, New Jersey. Ms. Itzol was walking in a hallway shared by a number of other units when the dog escaped its owner and bit her. At the time of the incident, the pit bull was not leashed or otherwise restrained.

Dylan Itzol suffered a 5.5 cm x 5.5 cm (2 inches by 2 inches) on her right forearm, as well as defensive puncture wounds to the top and palm of her left hand. Dylan was taken by ambulance to Monmouth Medical Center where she was admitted. Dylan ultimately underwent debridement of the right forearm wound and split thickness skin graft. The skin was harvested from her thigh, leaving scarring.

Subsequently, Dylan required further surgical revisions of her right forearm and right thigh scars.

Dylan’s mom, Dora Tobar, retained Maggs & McDermott to obtain compensation for her daughter. Maggs & McDermott brought suit against the condominium association, Galsworthy Arms Condominium Association, as well as the owners of the condominium, Abe and Adrian Hafif, who rented the condominium to the owner of the pit bull.

Initial investigation revealed that the pit bull’s owner had no assets or insurance coverage. During the litigation, Maggs & McDermott discovered that the pit bull had menaced other neighbors in the past.

Dylan Itzol’s claim was eventually settled for $400,000.00. This included compensation for her pain and suffering, disfigurement, and medical bills.

*Results may vary depending on particular facts and legal circumstances