July 1, 2015 Dog Bite Victim Receives $650,000 in Settlement

Jeffrey O’Leary was helping his neighbor unload his pick-up truck when he decided to pet the neighbor’s Rottweiler. Over the years, Mr. O’Leary was familiar with the dog, had petted it on prior occasions, and always thought the dog was friendly. But, as he turned away, the Rottweiler suddenly attacked Mr. O’Leary. Mr. O’Leary suffered severe facial injuries, as well as injuries to his left arm, requiring him to undergo multiple surgeries to reconstruct his lower lip, leaving him with permanent scarring and diminished sensation.

Mr. O’Leary retained Mr. Maggs who filed suit against the neighbor for violating New Jersey’s dog-bite statute. Under the New Jersey dog-bite statute, owners of dogs are strictly liable for the actions of their pets. The defendants denied any responsibility for Mr. O’Leary’s injuries, claiming that Mr. O’Leary was negligent for petting the Rottweiler.

After several years of litigation, the Firm successfully negotiated a settlement of $650,000 for his injuries, pain and suffering.

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