July 7, 2015 New Jersey Transit Pays $4 Million to Accident Victim

Our client, Edward Arena, suffered significant and permanent injuries in a collision with a New Jersey Transit bus. After two years of litigation, Mr. Arena received $4,000,000.00 from the State of New Jersey in settlement of his claims.

The day of the accident, Mr. Arena was driving north on the New Jersey Turnpike near Newark Airport during a heavy rainstorm when a NJ Transit bus hit his car from behind, forcing him into a ditch. The bus driver claimed Mr. Arena had just changed lanes and that Mr. Arena was the cause of the accident.

In an effort to challenge this defense, the Firm retained numerous experts who conducted an extensive investigation of the accident. As a result, we were able to establish that the driver of the bus was, in fact, the cause of the accident.

Mr. Arena, then 33 years old, suffered spinal disc herniations at L4-5, L5-S1, C2-3 and C3-4, compression fractures at T1 through T5 and exacerbation of a groin hernia. Mr. Arena underwent five surgical procedures, suffered from leg and back pain and numbness in his legs. Despite his medical treatment, Mr. Arena was required to use a cane, could not sit or stand for long periods of time, or lift much weight. He also suffered post-traumatic stress syndrome.

When asked about the terms of his settlement, Mr. Arena responded “Thank you Mr. Maggs for helping me put my life back together.”

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