July 20, 2020 Roof Collapse Leads To $2.5 Million Dollar Settlement

Raymond Crosby, a 52 year old man from Keansburg, New Jersey was killed when a roof collapsed at a construction site in Berkeley, New Jersey.

The accident took place at the Beachwood Shopping Plaza, a derelict set of 22 stores that were being demolished to make way for a new Town Center.

Mr. Crosby was an equipment mechanic. He had no experience in demolition. On the day of the accident, he was asked to weaken certain support columns in an abandoned Woolworth store by making cuts with an acetylene torch. 

Mr. Crosby was survived by three sons, Brian, Steven, and Andrew. 

Maggs & McDermott sued the contractor, Edgewood Properties, LLC, the redeloper, Berkeley Redevelopers, LLC, and the landowner, Beachwood Mall, LLC.

During the litigation, Maggs & McDermott discovered that Berkeley Redevelopers and EP Equipment failed to have the Woolworth building evaluated by a qualified demolition engineer to access the stability of the building and to properly plan the demolition.

Maggs & McDermott advanced claims on behalf of Mr. Crosby’s Estate for both wrongful death and survivorship. These claims took into consideration the physical pain and mental anguish Mr. Crosby experienced up to the point of death, as well as the financial support that his sons lost as the result of his death. 

Maggs & McDermott’s painstaking preparation of the case involved the retention of experiments in demolition, human factors, engineering, orthopaedic medicine, psychiatry and economics.

The estate settled its survivorship and wrongful death claims for $2.5 million.

*Results may vary depending on particular facts and legal circumstances