Stephen McCormack, from Point Pleasant, New Jersey, fell 15 feet to the ground when a scaffold collapsed beneath him while he was installing second floor windows at a construction site. 

Maggs & McDermott determined that the accident occurred because the scaffold had not been properly assembled. Further, Mr. McCormack had not been provided with any safety equipment, including a safety harness.

Stephen McCormack brought suit against the general contractor in charge of the project, Ward Home Services. Mr. McCormack alleged that Ward Home Services had been responsible to supervise the proper assembly of the scaffold and to make fall protection available to workers on the job site. 

Stephen McCormack suffered a displaced left hip fracture and displaced fracture on his left heel bone. As a result, Mr. McCormack was required to undergo an open reduction and internal fixation of this left hip, with the implantation of several metal pins and metal plates, as well as an open reduction and pinning of the fracture of his left heel.

Maggs & McDermot brought suit against Ward Home Services on behalf of Stephen McCormack. Mr. McCormack’s claim was settled for $900,000.00.

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