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After a car accident where you have been injured, it can be overwhelming to sort through all the paperwork, doctor’s appointments, and calls with the insurance companies, all while you are recovering from your injuries.

If you have experienced a car accident in New Jersey, it is critical to contact an experienced car accident lawyer to assist you through the legal system. In New Jersey, the statute of limitations for initiating a car accident injury claim is usually two years from the date of the crash; if you fail to file the claim before then, you may lose out on any compensation you were entitled to. The attorneys at Maggs McDermott & DiCicco assist clients from the time of the accident through the conclusion of the case.  If a fair settlement cannot be agreed upon or if serious injuries occur, we file a lawsuit on your behalf. We reduce the burden on your shoulders so you can focus on healing.  Maggs McDermott & DiCicco will fight for you to receive the compensation to which you are entitled after your accident.

What to Do If You Are Involved in a Car Accident

After you are involved in a car accident, there are specific steps that you need to follow, not only for your own safety but to accurately report the details of the accident and assist in building a legal case down the road, if you so choose. If you or your loved one has been involved in a car accident in New Jersey, follow the steps outlined below immediately afterward for the best possible results in court:

  • Report the Accident:  If you have been involved in a collision, request that an officer be dispatched to the scene. Filing a police report creates a record of the accident and the exchange of information between the involved parties.
  • Seek Medical Attention: Immediately after the accident, evaluate if you, your passengers, and/or passengers in the other vehicle are injured. If life-threatening injuries were sustained, contact emergency medical services at once. Even if you do not immediately feel anything is amiss, seek a medical evaluation. Medical professionals are trained to evaluate for conditions that might otherwise take time to manifest symptoms; a medical professionals’ testimony and record keeping are essential if seeking compensation.
  • Gather Evidence: The key to a successful car accident claim is the evidence you can present. At the scene, collect as much information as possible. If you are physically able, take photos of the position of the vehicles, damage to the cars, sustained injuries, and license plates to supplement the police report. If there were any witnesses to the accident, ask that they provide their contact information to the police.
  • Schedule a consultation with Maggs McDermott & DiCicco: The first step in your legal claims journey is to schedule a consultation with a New Jersey car accident attorney that you can trust. Our car accident lawyer will assist you throughout the legal process, including interacting with the insurance companies.

How to Deal With Insurance Matters After a Car Accident

After a car accident, it is common to be shaken up. Unfortunately, insurance companies will likely attempt to contact you for your official statement while you are still recovering. It is important to note that you are not legally required to speak to an insurance company before consulting with your lawyer. When communicating with an insurance company, remember: it is very likely that your conversation is being recorded and the insurance company will do everything in its power to reduce, devalue, or reject your claim.

Why Hire Maggs McDermott & DiCicco After an Auto Accident Injury?

While it may seem tempting to accept a settlement offer from an insurance company or the defendant, you might not receive fair compensation for your injuries. Let Maggs McDermott & DiCicco advocate for the compensation you deserve after an accident. When you hire Maggs McDermott & DiCicco after sustaining an injury in an auto accident, you can rest assured knowing that our professional team is handling your claim. Our car accident injury lawyers are masters of negotiation due and will fight for the best possible outcome for you.

Contact Maggs McDermott & DiCicco After an Accident

At Maggs McDermott & DiCicco, we believe that clients are best served when they develop a close and long-standing relationship with lawyers who professionally and efficiently manage their legal issues through a highly trained support staff with state-of-the-art technology. We are committed to providing high-quality legal services promptly and cost-effectively. Contact Maggs McDermott & DiCicco today for the car accident representation you deserve.

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