July 3, 2015 Woman Awarded $1,000,000 for Auto Accident Injuries

Jennifer Thompson of Brick was driving on Chambers Bridge Road in Lakewood when she was suddenly struck from behind. Her injuries included a disc herniation, disc bulge, and torn ligaments in her neck, causing radiating pain down her left arm. Ms. Thompson, an insurance claims adjuster, was unable to return to work. The injuries Ms. Thompson suffered required surgery to her neck.

Ms. Thompson turned to Mr. Maggs for help and the Firm guided her through the legal process. The Firm filed claims against the driver who struck her, as well as claims against her automobile insurance company for failing to provide her with the required medical benefits under her policy. After years of litigation, Ms. Thompson received $15,000 from the driver who hit her. The Firm then filed an “underinsured motorist claim” against Ms. Thompson’s insurance company. An underinsured motorist claim is necessary where an injured person in a car accident seeks to recover damages from their own insurance company because the driver of the other vehicle has insufficient insurance coverage to compensate them for their injuries. Ms. Thompson also received an additional $985,000.00 as a result of the underinsured motorist claim.

Ms. Thompson stated after the settlement, “I am so grateful for the hard work and compassionate representation I received from everyone at Maggs & McDermott.”

*Results may vary depending on particular facts and legal circumstances