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A 38 year-old Howell woman received $250,000 following a rear-end collision. As a result of a high velocity impact, the woman’s head struck the steering wheel and then snapped backward, resulting in injuries to her neck, back and left shoulder.

Our client sustained a cervical disc herniation at C3-4, a lumbar disc herniation at L1-2 and a thoracic disc herniation at T11-12. She also suffered a left shoulder sprain, cervical sprain, lumbosacral sprain and facial contusions. Her course of treatment included three cervical epidural steroid injections as well as years of physical therapy, acupuncture and massage therapy.

Our client was stopped at a red light at the time of the collision. The other driver admitted that he saw the traffic slowing, but struck our client while he was traveling at a high rate of speed. The Defendant had $100,000 in insurance coverage which was paid to our client. The firm then filed an underinsured motorist claim against our client’s auto insurance carrier. The underinsured claim resulted in an additional payment of $150,000 for a total settlement of $250,000.

The impacts of this accident were life-altering. Our client’s physician concluded that her “condition is permanent and even with surgical intervention, she will not return to her pre-accident state.” For these reasons, the woman received a total settlement of $250,000.

*Case results vary based on the facts of each individual case.

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