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Mother/Daughter Receive a Combined Settlement of $1.775 Million

Two New Jersey women received a combined settlement of $1.775 million following an accident with a school bus. The daughter was driving her car on a busy street in Eatontown, when a school bus ran a stop sign and turned right, colliding directly into her vehicle and pushing her car into oncoming traffic. The driver’s mother was seated in the rear of the vehicle and sustained injuries as well as the driver.

The driver of the car, a 34-year-old woman, sustained injuries to her neck, back and right shoulder. MRI results showed disc herniations in her neck at C5-6, C6-7 and a disc herniation in her mid-back at T5-6 requiring five epidural injections. She also sustained a partial tear of her right rotator cuff requiring three steroid injections. As a result of her injuries, she underwent disc replacement surgery at C5-6, C6-7, as well as shoulder reconstruction surgery. During the neck surgery, a cerebral spinal fluid leak occurred rendering her unable to stand without becoming hypotensive and dizzy. She now requires assistance at home to complete her daily activities and to care for her daughter.

Her mother, a 58-year-old back seat passenger, had injuries from a prior accident, but sustained a new disc herniation in her neck at level C3-4, exacerbating prior herniations in her low back at L4-5 and L5-S1, and disc protrusions in her mid-back at T6-7 and T7-8. She suffered pain radiating down her left arm into her hand. Her injuries required the placement of a dorsal column stimulator and laminectomy. She suffers from constant pain and is unable to help in the care of her daughter and granddaughter.

Maggs McDermott & DiCicco settled the driver’s case for $1.4 million and the passenger’s case for $375,000, resulting in a combined total settlement of $1.775 million.

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