$1 Million Awarded for Automobile Injuries

A young woman suffered serious injuries, including the loss of her spleen due to a car accident. She retained Maggs & McDermott to represent her in her claim against the other driver. On November 27, 2007, the client’s was awarded $1,000,000.00 for her injuries.

The woman was entering an intersection on Route 35 north in Shrewsbury on April 7, 2006 when another vehicle went through a red light and hit the left side of her car. The other driver maintained the accident was not her fault, claiming that the light was green. After an extensive review of the physical evidence and various witness statements, we established that the other driver’s version of the accident was not accurate and, in fact, she caused the collision.

The attorneys of Maggs & McDermott worked diligently to determine the cause of the accident, retained the necessary experts to establish the other driver was responsible, and retained an array of medical experts to set forth the nature and extent of our client’s injuries. She stated that she will be “forever grateful for Mr. Maggs’ and Mr. McDermott’s hard work. They really cared.”

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